Champions League Winning Nationality

Champions League Winning Nationality

One of the season long bets you can place on the Champions League is predicting the winning team's nationality. We've listed the odds below plus a record of what nationalities have been the most successful in the past. It's fair to say that the English, Spanish and Italian teams have dominated European football in the past and they're very much the popular bet in recent years.

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2018/19 Champions League Winning Nationality Odds

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Looking at the Champions League history the winning teams have been from seven different nationalities:

Winners Country Teams
11 times Spain Real Madrid (98,00,02,14,16,17, 18), Barcelona (06,09,11, 15)
5 times Italy AC Milan (94,03,07), Juventus (96), Inter (10)
4 times England Manchester United (99,08), Liverpool (05) Chelsea (11)
3 times Germany Borussia Dortmund (97), Bayern Munich (01, 13)
1 time France Marseille (93)
1 time Portugal Porto (94)
1 time Netherlands Ajax (95)

Prior to the Champions League, there were different nationalities of winners of the European Cup. The old format in theory meant that it would throw up more nationalities of winners due to there only being the winners of the domestic leagues taking part. Less teams in the competition meant there were fewer games and the knockout format meant that there was more scope for upsets.

European Cup Winning Nationality

Winners Country Teams
8 times England Liverpool (77,78,81,84), Man Utd (68) Notts Forest (79,80), Aston Villa (82)
7 times Italy AC Milan (63,69,89,90), Inter (64,65) Juventus (85)
7 times Spain Real Madrid (56-60,66), Barcelona (92)
5 times Netherlands Ajax (71-73), PSV Eindhoven (88), Feyenoord (70)
4 times Germany Bayern Munich (74-76), Hamburg (83)
3 times Portugal Benfica (61.62), Porto (87)
1 time Scotland Celtic (67)
1 time Romania Steau Bucharest (86)
1 time Serbia Red Star Belgrade (91)

*Prior to 1993

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