Champions League Results

Champions League Results

You can get the latest Champions League results right here as soon as they happen. Check the results when making your Champions League bets and careful to also check the teams Champions League form when making your selection.

18/09/2018Barcelona4- 0PSV Eindhoven
18/09/2018Club Brugge0- 1Borussia Dortmund
18/09/2018Crvena Zvezda0- 0Napoli
18/09/2018Galatasaray3- 0Lokomotiv Moscow
18/09/2018Internazionale2- 1Tottenham Hotspur
18/09/2018Liverpool3- 2Paris St Germain
18/09/2018Monaco1- 2Atletico Madrid
18/09/2018Schalke 041- 1Porto
19/09/2018Ajax3- 0AEK Athens
19/09/2018Benfica0- 2Bayern Munich
19/09/2018Manchester City1- 2Lyon
19/09/2018Real Madrid3- 0Roma
19/09/2018Shakhtar Donetsk2- 2Hoffenheim
19/09/2018Valencia0- 2Juventus
19/09/2018Viktoria Plzen2- 2CSKA Moscow
19/09/2018Young Boys0- 3Manchester Utd
02/10/2018AEK Athens2- 3Benfica
02/10/2018Bayern Munich1- 1Ajax
02/10/2018CSKA Moscow1- 0Real Madrid
02/10/2018Hoffenheim1- 2Manchester City
02/10/2018Juventus3- 0Young Boys
02/10/2018Lyon2- 2Shakhtar Donetsk
02/10/2018Manchester Utd0- 0Valencia
02/10/2018Roma5- 0Viktoria Plzen
03/10/2018Atletico Madrid3- 1Club Brugge
03/10/2018Borussia Dortmund3- 0Monaco
03/10/2018Lokomotiv Moscow0- 1Schalke 04
03/10/2018Napoli1- 0Liverpool
03/10/2018PSV Eindhoven1- 2Internazionale
03/10/2018Paris St Germain6- 1Crvena Zvezda
03/10/2018Porto1- 0Galatasaray
03/10/2018Tottenham Hotspur2- 4Barcelona
23/10/2018AEK Athens0- 2Bayern Munich
23/10/2018Ajax1- 0Benfica
23/10/2018Hoffenheim3- 3Lyon
23/10/2018Manchester Utd0- 1Juventus
23/10/2018Real Madrid2- 1Viktoria Plzen
23/10/2018Roma3- 0CSKA Moscow
23/10/2018Shakhtar Donetsk0- 3Manchester City
23/10/2018Young Boys1- 1Valencia
24/10/2018Barcelona2- 0Internazionale
24/10/2018Borussia Dortmund4- 0Atletico Madrid
24/10/2018Club Brugge1- 1Monaco
24/10/2018Galatasaray0- 0Schalke 04
24/10/2018Liverpool4- 0Crvena Zvezda
24/10/2018Lokomotiv Moscow1- 3Porto
24/10/2018PSV Eindhoven2- 2Tottenham Hotspur
24/10/2018Paris St Germain2- 2Napoli
06/11/2018Atletico Madrid2- 0Borussia Dortmund
06/11/2018Crvena Zvezda2- 0Liverpool
06/11/2018Internazionale1- 1Barcelona
06/11/2018Monaco0- 4Club Brugge
06/11/2018Napoli1- 1Paris St Germain
06/11/2018Porto4- 1Lokomotiv Moscow
06/11/2018Schalke 042- 0Galatasaray
06/11/2018Tottenham Hotspur2- 1PSV Eindhoven
07/11/2018Bayern Munich2- 0AEK Athens
07/11/2018Benfica1- 1Ajax
07/11/2018CSKA Moscow1- 2Roma
07/11/2018Juventus1- 2Manchester Utd
07/11/2018Lyon2- 2Hoffenheim
07/11/2018Manchester City6- 0Shakhtar Donetsk
07/11/2018Valencia3- 1Young Boys
07/11/2018Viktoria Plzen0- 5Real Madrid
27/11/2018AEK Athens0- 2Ajax
27/11/2018Bayern Munich5- 1Benfica
27/11/2018CSKA Moscow1- 2Viktoria Plzen
27/11/2018Hoffenheim2- 3Shakhtar Donetsk
27/11/2018Juventus1- 0Valencia
27/11/2018Lyon2- 2Manchester City
27/11/2018Manchester Utd1- 0Young Boys
27/11/2018Roma0- 2Real Madrid
28/11/2018Atletico Madrid2- 0Monaco
28/11/2018Borussia Dortmund0- 0Club Brugge
28/11/2018Lokomotiv Moscow2- 0Galatasaray
28/11/2018Napoli3- 1Crvena Zvezda
28/11/2018PSV Eindhoven1- 2Barcelona
28/11/2018Paris St Germain2- 1Liverpool
28/11/2018Porto3- 1Schalke 04
28/11/2018Tottenham Hotspur1- 0Internazionale
11/12/2018Barcelona1- 1Tottenham Hotspur
11/12/2018Club Brugge0- 0Atletico Madrid
11/12/2018Crvena Zvezda1- 4Paris St Germain
11/12/2018Galatasaray2- 3Porto
11/12/2018Internazionale1- 1PSV Eindhoven
11/12/2018Liverpool1- 0Napoli
11/12/2018Monaco0- 2Borussia Dortmund
11/12/2018Schalke 041- 0Lokomotiv Moscow
12/12/2018Ajax3- 3Bayern Munich
12/12/2018Benfica1- 0AEK Athens
12/12/2018Manchester City2- 1Hoffenheim
12/12/2018Real Madrid0- 3CSKA Moscow
12/12/2018Shakhtar Donetsk1- 1Lyon
12/12/2018Valencia2- 1Manchester Utd
12/12/2018Viktoria Plzen2- 1Roma
12/12/2018Young Boys2- 1Juventus

We'll have all the Champions League results right here as they happen throughout the season.


  • Juventus (1) 1-2 (1) Ajax
  • Barcelona (1) 3-0 (0) Man Utd
  • Manchester City (0) 4-3 (1) Tottenham
  • Porto (0) 1-4 (2) Liverpool


  • Real Madrid (2) 1-4 Ajax
  • Juventus (0) 3-0 (2) Atletico Madrid
  • Bayern Munich (0) 1-3 (0) Liverpool
  • Barcelona (0) 5-1 (0) Lyon
  • PSG (0) 1-3 (2) Manchester United
  • Porto (1) 3-1 (2) Roma
  • Manchester City (3) 7-0 (2) Schalke
  • Borussia Dortmund (0) 0-1 (3) Tottenham

Group A:

18 SepClub Brugge0- 1Borussia Dortmund
18 SepMonaco1- 2Atletico Madrid
03 OctBorussia Dortmund3- 0Monaco
03 OctAtletico Madrid3- 1Club Brugge
24 OctClub Brugge1- 1Monaco
24 OctBorussia Dortmund4- 0Atletico Madrid
06 NovMonaco0- 4Club Brugge
06 NovAtletico Madrid2- 0Borussia Dortmund
28 NovAtletico Madrid2- 0Monaco
28 NovBorussia Dortmund0- 0Club Brugge
11 DecMonaco0- 2Borussia Dortmund
11 DecClub Brugge0- 0Atletico Madrid

Group B:

18 SepInternazionale2- 1Tottenham Hotspur
18 SepBarcelona4- 0PSV Eindhoven
03 OctPSV Eindhoven1- 2Internazionale
03 OctTottenham Hotspur2- 4Barcelona
24 OctPSV Eindhoven2- 2Tottenham Hotspur
24 OctBarcelona2- 0Internazionale
06 NovInternazionale1- 1Barcelona
06 NovTottenham Hotspur2- 1PSV Eindhoven
28 NovTottenham Hotspur1- 0Internazionale
28 NovPSV Eindhoven1- 2Barcelona
11 DecBarcelona1- 1Tottenham Hotspur
11 DecInternazionale1- 1PSV Eindhoven

Group C:

18 SepCrvena Zvezda0- 0Napoli
18 SepLiverpool3- 2Paris St Germain
03 OctParis St Germain6- 1Crvena Zvezda
03 OctNapoli1- 0Liverpool
24 OctLiverpool4- 0Crvena Zvezda
24 OctParis St Germain2- 2Napoli
06 NovNapoli1- 1Paris St Germain
06 NovCrvena Zvezda2- 0Liverpool
28 NovNapoli3- 1Crvena Zvezda
28 NovParis St Germain2- 1Liverpool
11 DecCrvena Zvezda1- 4Paris St Germain
11 DecLiverpool1- 0Napoli

Group D:

18 SepSchalke 041- 1Porto
18 SepGalatasaray3- 0Lokomotiv Moscow
03 OctPorto1- 0Galatasaray
03 OctLokomotiv Moscow0- 1Schalke 04
24 OctGalatasaray0- 0Schalke 04
24 OctLokomotiv Moscow1- 3Porto
06 NovPorto4- 1Lokomotiv Moscow
06 NovSchalke 042- 0Galatasaray
28 NovPorto3- 1Schalke 04
28 NovLokomotiv Moscow2- 0Galatasaray
11 DecSchalke 041- 0Lokomotiv Moscow
11 DecGalatasaray2- 3Porto

Group E:

19 SepAjax3- 0AEK Athens
19 SepBenfica0- 2Bayern Munich
02 OctAEK Athens2- 3Benfica
02 OctBayern Munich1- 1Ajax
23 OctAEK Athens0- 2Bayern Munich
23 OctAjax1- 0Benfica
07 NovBayern Munich2- 0AEK Athens
07 NovBenfica1- 1Ajax
27 NovAEK Athens0- 2Ajax
27 NovBayern Munich5- 1Benfica
12 DecAjax3- 3Bayern Munich
12 DecBenfica1- 0AEK Athens

Group F:

19 SepShakhtar Donetsk2- 2Hoffenheim
19 SepManchester City1- 2Lyon
02 OctHoffenheim1- 2Manchester City
02 OctLyon2- 2Shakhtar Donetsk
23 OctHoffenheim3- 3Lyon
23 OctShakhtar Donetsk0- 3Manchester City
07 NovLyon2- 2Hoffenheim
07 NovManchester City6- 0Shakhtar Donetsk
27 NovHoffenheim2- 3Shakhtar Donetsk
27 NovLyon2- 2Manchester City
12 DecManchester City2- 1Hoffenheim
12 DecShakhtar Donetsk1- 1Lyon

Group G:

19 SepReal Madrid3- 0Roma
19 SepViktoria Plzen2- 2CSKA Moscow
02 OctCSKA Moscow1- 0Real Madrid
02 OctRoma5- 0Viktoria Plzen
23 OctRoma3- 0CSKA Moscow
23 OctReal Madrid2- 1Viktoria Plzen
07 NovCSKA Moscow1- 2Roma
07 NovViktoria Plzen0- 5Real Madrid
27 NovRoma0- 2Real Madrid
27 NovCSKA Moscow1- 2Viktoria Plzen
12 DecReal Madrid0- 3CSKA Moscow
12 DecViktoria Plzen2- 1Roma

Group H:

19 SepValencia0- 2Juventus
19 SepYoung Boys0- 3Manchester Utd
02 OctJuventus3- 0Young Boys
02 OctManchester Utd0- 0Valencia
23 OctManchester Utd0- 1Juventus
23 OctYoung Boys1- 1Valencia
07 NovValencia3- 1Young Boys
07 NovJuventus1- 2Manchester Utd
27 NovJuventus1- 0Valencia
27 NovManchester Utd1- 0Young Boys
12 DecYoung Boys2- 1Juventus
12 DecValencia2- 1Manchester Utd