Champions League Past Winners

Champions League Past Winners

It is useful to check out who has won the Champions League in the past before placing your Champions League outright bets. You'll see from the list of past winners below a number of trends that can help you. Firstly there are a handful of teams that have a great Champions League pedigree. The likes of Manchester United, Barcelona and AC Milan are multiple winners of the competition and as a result they deserve consideration when placing your bets.

You'll also see that particular trends are clear when teams reach the height of their ability it is not uncommon for them to reach multiple finals in quick succession. For example, AC Milan were in the first three Champions League finals. Ajax played in back to back finals as did Valencia, Manchester United and Juventus (three finals in succession).

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Champions League Finalists

Year Winner Runner Up Score Venue
1992/93 Marseille AC Milan 1-0 Munich
1993/94 AC Milan Barcelona 4-0 Athens
1994/95 Ajax AC Milan 1-0 Vienna
1995/96 Juventus Ajax 1-1 (pens) Rome
1996/97 Borussia Dortmund Juventus 3-1 Munich
1997/98 Real Madrid Juventus 1-0 Amsterdam
1998/99 Manchester United Bayern Munich 2-1 Barcelona
1999/00 Real Madrid Valencia 3-0 Paris
2000/01 Bayern Munich Valencia 1-1 (pens) Milan
2001/02 Real Madrid Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Glasgow
2002/03 AC Milan Juventus 0-0 (pens) Manchester
2003/04 Porto Monaco 3-0 Gelsenkirchen
2004/05 Liverpool AC Milan 3-3 (pens) Istanbul
2005/06 Barcelona Arsenal 2-1 Paris
2006/07 AC Milan Liverpool 2-1 Athens
2007/08 Manchester United Chelsea 1-1 (pens) Moscow
2008/09 Barcelona Manchester United 2-0 Rome
2009/10 Inter Milan Bayern Munich 2-0 Madrid
2010/11 Barcelona Manchester United 3-1 London
2011/12 Chelsea Bayern Munich 1-1 (pens) Munich
2012/13 Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund 2-1 London
2013/14 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid 4-1 (AET) Lisbon
2014/15 Barcelona Juventus 3-1 Berlin
2015/16 Real Madrid Atletico Madrid 1-1 (pens) Milan
2017/18 Real Madrid Juventus 4-1 Cardiff
2018/19 Real Madrid Liverpool 3-1 Kiev

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Beware the wounded tiger. Teams at the top of their game have a habit of returning to victory soon after as the list above shows. Milan bounced back from defeat in the first Champions League final to win twelve months later. Bayern Munich took an extra year to get over their last gasp defeat in the Nou Camp versus Manchester United in 1999 to win on penalties against Valencia in the 2001 final. Milan again got revenge against Liverpool two years after the famous final in Istanbul.

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